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Kwame Gyan 'attacks' 4syte TV's CEO for embarrassing himself at 2018 Afrima

Journalist and communication expert, Kwame Gyan has descended heavily on the Chief Executive Officer of entertainment arts and lifestyle television network, 4syte TV, Mr. Ignace Hego after the latter displayed pride and bad manners at the Afrima stage.

Multiple reports have it that Mr. Ignace Hego disgraced himself on stage yesterday [November 24, 2018] at the night of the 2018 All Africa Music Awards (Afrima) when he was called on stage to present an award.

Upon reaching the stage he unwrapped the envelope containing name of the award winner and dropped it on the floor of the stage.

Having done that fortunate ran out of his way and could not find the award winner's name.

After wasting about five minutes the usher with him on stage found the name of the artist on the platform being part of the paper he had discarded earlier.

Iggy was the winner but the 'Akua Donkor' in him couldn't allow him to announce the winner even after the usher again whispered the name to him.

Many Ghanaians including Kwame Gyan have trolled the 'too known' man for his immaturity and shaming himself.

According to the social commentator, Mr. Hego should have known better by not discarding the envelope on stage since cleanliness is next to godliness.

He further added that he dropping the paper on the ground is uncalled for just like those who throw rubbish out of their vehicles.

Kwame Gyan took to his Facebook wall to roast the gentleman most youths see as role model to stop others from doing in the near future.

His post as sighted by this news portal reads

CEO of 4syte TV's bad manners and 5 minute wahala in reading off simple name from a paper:
Ignace Hego is the CEO of 4syte TV. He was called up to present an award. He was the only presenter who completely tore up the envelope and actually dropped the torn piece on the floor of the stage. Yes, he just dropped what was supposed to be rubbish on the stage.
It turns out the part he had gleefully torn and discarded as bolar onto the stage floor contained the name of the award winner. Iggy, as he is affectionately called, spent what seemed like an eternity looking for the name of the award winner - he couldn't find it. The smart usher with him on stage reaches out for the discarded paper he had thrown on the floor. Apparently the winner's name was there.
Iggy still could not see or read it. Even after the usher had seen it and whispered it into his ear, Iggy still could not read the winner's name. No, the winner's name was not some tongue-twisting one. It was as if Iggy could not read. Chale I am talking about some 3 to 5 minutes just trying to find and read off a name from a piece of paper.
And what was that bush behavior of throwing rubbish on the floor on stage at a televised event? He was wearing a double breasted suit and a hat with black pants and he had at least nine pockets to choose from where he could stick the piece of paper in, but he chose the floor! Looks to me like one of those folks who dont mind throwing litter out of their vehicles!
©Kwame Gyan"

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