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You Don't Always Attract Like Minds — Princess Shyngle

Gambian born actress based in Ghana, Princess Shyngle has said the adage "birds of the same feather flock together" isn't always the case.

According to her,  we basically don't attract like minded people as the  cliché wants us to believe.

“Don’t tell me ‘you attract what you are’ . What if you’re kind and attract mean? What if you’re honest and attract liars? What if you’re loyal and attract cheaters? What if you’re God -conscious and attract the one whose heart is hardened with disbelief?..."

The multiple award-winning went on the conclude that, it's no to say that, you attract who you are, rather you attract people who are in desperate need of who you are.

She made this known in a post on Facebook owned photo and video sharing, Instagram to gainsay claims by section of the public that, we are attracted to others because they probably share a lot of things in common.

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