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Be Careful Who You Trust - Ceccy Twum Warns

Just as it has been said on many occasions, people who are only interested in what benefits you can provide to them. After the benefits end they will leave you like a used hotel room. Sometimes they will do a thing or two for you so that the benefits associated with you are not interrupted.

People who are rude, short tempered and do not respect other people's opinion at all. (Basically narcissistic assholes). You will find these kind of people so disturbing that you will want to leave their company immediately.

Fourth, People who misunderstands you and misinterprets your actions.

Our society view emotional intelligence as inferior. If you do something for narrow minded selfish people they will act as if you were fool. 

On this note has sensational gospel musician, Ceccy Twum taken inspiration and advised the general public to choose their company wisely.

In a post sighted by on Instagram, she shared a meme baring the inscriptions

"Innocent and nice people get hurt in life easily because they trust the wrong people... 
Because who you trust"

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