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Ignorance won't kill us, stupidity will BERNARD RALPH Writes

I've said on many occasions that the average Ghanaian is so stupid and foolish that, he will easily accept lies without questioning and fight you for saying the truth.

I am afraid but have to be very emphatic that anything about Ghana is a big joke -- religion, health,  sports, education to mention a few.

Five months ago, when I was still on radio, a client who happens to be a proprietress invited me to her office to find out how she could successfully organise an entrepreneurship among other courses to children age 6 -14 years  in and around her school's vicinity during our conversation she mentioned advertisement.

"For time factor it's too short to run such program" I told her

Considering just a week to the start. How well she's advertised, campaigned, promoted the vacation school -Since my colleagues will only make noise and nothing (of course, that's exactly what they did after the proprietress agreed for a package)

I stressed on trying to persuade her to withhold such courses for another time cause decades ago and even now most pupils aren't taught that way and might sound weird to parents hearing these for the first time and will eventually say "you're teaching something way above their ages" SMH

Mrs Ettiaquah didn't listen and her efforts went down the drain at the end of the day.

The 'chew and pour' method of teaching is totally absurd and shouldn't be entertained in our system again.

The results are what we see  many doctors, professors, lawyers, businessmen who knows nothing unless book since our education system is strictly grammatically oriented

We really know our problems politics of hate, merit system, nepotism is killing us.

Joy News' documentary piece about how a teacher teaches ICT in the northern should serve as a wake up call

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