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Criminalizing exploit of stupidity and why your pastors should be put behind bars. BERNARD RALPH Writes

It's disheartening, come to think of how some 'men of God' misuse the name of the almighty to rob members of their various churches -- of their properties.

Many have fallen victim, yet remind silence for the lame excuse "thy shall not touch my anointed".

I find something really fascinating, that's, when a Revenred Minister criticises his colleague, it's regarded as being a brothers keeper and ensuring discipline. Contrary, when a 'floor member' does that, it's malicious, malevolent, evil and contempt of God.

However, some fearless individuals have maintained that, hypocrisy is killing the 21st century church, arguing that, our corrupt politicians attend church regularly, give huge amount of money as tithes and offering but the pastor's are failing to let them repent of their sins rather giving them high positions such as elders, church project officers, secretary, to mention a few. Isn't this amazing?

A presiding elder of a church in Ghana, once told me about how an MP was honoured upon gifting an area head - he went on to say, the said Honourable, hardly attend service, but her visit to the mansion house did the magic.

Miracle Water Brouhaha

Aunty Mercy, a business woman in a suburb in Kumasi, Atonsu to be precise, complained to her pastor, how difficult it is now for her to make a sale of Ghs500 from her Cement and Rice Stores. She was made to believe upon purchasing a 'holy water' worth Ghs1000, her business will boom.

Frustrated Aunty Mercy bought, two for Ghs2000 and assured the 'man of God' she'll give a testimony and pay her tithe should it work.

Days became weeks,  weeks became months, and months became year, the 'holy water' never worked for Aunty Mercy, her businesses collapsed and now a house helper at the pastor's house. What a pity? 

Daylight Robbery

A pastor is reported to have prayed over brooms in his church and allegedly sold them to his church members.

According to a social media user who posted the pictures, the pastor anointed and blessed the brooms which were given to the congregation to use and sweep away evil and demons from their homes, offices and shops.

The church members were visibly happy as they collected the “anointed” brooms.

Playing With Intelligence

A pastor after ministering, asked his members to pick up a Ghs20 note and proclaim these words after him, ' I shall not die this year' (you drop the money in the offering bowl, afterwards).

He then declared, there would be, no record of death . " 'God' has saved you all. He said.

A month later, a wealth man who gave Ghs50 instead of the amount said, died in a vatal accident.

The pastor during his funeral said, "It's God who gives and take" Was the pastor aware of this and intentionally deceived them into giving offering? 

Create, Implement, And Kill

Widow, Mrs Appiah Kubi, 46, narrated how dead has ruined her life.

According to her, properties she worked so hard with her deceased husband was taken away by her in-laws.

Except her presence abode, even with that, steps were been taken to get her out of the house.

Fortunately, she heard a pastor say on a popular TV channel. He's capable of settling issues of such spiritually and within few hours.

Mrs. Appiah Kubi immediately reached out to this pastor and a meeting was scheduled.

Fast forward, they met and the pastor mentioned to her, the 'Holy Spirit' demands, he have an Intimate relationship with her and that, will make her in-laws return the properties, they forcefully took from her.

One thing knocked another, Mrs Appiah Kubi became pregnant, informed the pastor about it, of which he told him to abort it.

Eventually, she died in an attempt to get rid of the pregnancy. The pastor never told anyone about. How on earth should  this happen to any individual, apparently, the woman is brainwashed!

All these real life occasions, the supposed men of God walks freely.

The truth of the matter is -- they're playing on the ignorance of others to enrich themselves.

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