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The incessant prayer of killing the devil - A case of the 'one man churches' and the big question DOES it work BERNARD RALPH Writes

Ghana has developed very rapidly specifically the number of churches in the early 2000s has multipled by thousands -- you can attest to that! 

The various cinemas we used to rush to watch those movies have been converted into Chapels for the 'one man churches' or the 'pray for me' churches any way that you would call it, its cool. 

Our classrooms have been turned into meeting places for such religious folks each now and then a new church pops up with some hilarious names - not my concern in this very piece.

Not to talk of the number of these churches setting up TV channels to make it possible for people far away to hear and watch them Fire TV,  OB TV,  Precious TV,  CACI TV,  Dominion TV,  Ogyaba TV, Amen TV,  Praiz TV,  AV TV, Rejoice TV,  Ice TV,  Zoe TV,  Pent TV, Nyameba TV,  the list goes on and on.

Once you complain it's becoming 'too many' outspoken man of God, Prophet Kumchacha will come to the rescue questioning when have you registered your dislikes about the increasing number of pubs and night clubs in every vicinity.

As a matter of fact, the dogmas of most of these churches is something else, before I forget a decade ago, a certain one man church called Christ Our Redeemer Ministry surfaced in one of the towns in Ghana and there was a great 'revival' in the town and caused 'havoc' to the other churches --- it was reported that,  hundreds of new members joined the congregation each day. Apparently,  the Amontons' law worked and you could just imagine until a day when 'your mom is the cause of your problems', 'you're a witch', 'buy oil and spiritual water' ruined down the church and the rest was history.

Fast forward, it became a nationwide 'disease' and there's no way,  the supposed 'pray for me pastors' won't make mention of the aforementioned when one visits their premises.

Sunday to Sunday are the meeting days. Causing many broken homes due to the time they spend there. For such Christians, it's the wish of God to always be in the house of God --- leaving them poor as the word poor. You dare not advice any that, God doesn't fall manna again therefore they should work and they will definitely tag you a Devil 😈, since they've been brainwashed with a popular quote "My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches above" forgetting in the same Holy Bible is written "The lazy man shouldn't eat" that's just by the way though.

Interestingly, most of these folks pray to the Almighty God asking Him to take the life of Satan, their biggest enemy.

"When you clap your hands may every demonic spirit in your family burn down"

"Say fire 🔥, we kill our enemies with a spiritual gun, may the Holy Ghost fire burn your enemies and every evil spirit in your family " says the pastor and the congregation would shout Amen and begin praying.

Their uttermost prayer topic for everyday church.

Apparently, one have to believe for sure that God answer prayers and that He never fails. 

In view of this, I don't want to be judgemental but humbly ask does God listens to them, or the cliché spirits do not die so is Satan and won't die as killing the devil with prayers is their priority though proven futile ? 

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