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BERNARD RALPH Writes 'The All Over' bitter Feminists

Ah so like seriously people aren't aware  Gifty Anti, Yvonne Okoro, Leila Djansi Lydia Forson, Juliet Ibrahim, and the likes are frustrated beings who refer to themselves as feminists???

I repeat men want to marry the quiet and unknown ladies who are not all over the place (In KOD's voice) 

Men in nature are in such a way that -- they want to settle down with women who can make home and not news. You can be the most intelligent and pretty lady one can ever think of but remain unmarried!

Apparently, the campaign sparked by UGLY and INFAMOUS all female group  Pepper Dem Ministries that, men must also go to the kitchen(of which I don't have problem with) in an attempt to preach Gender Equality. What they don't know is; God in his own 'senses' made men superior over women does that make God a bully? You can argue and I careless about that.

I wrote sometime ago that, most ladies are learning from the wrong role models -- you choose Yvonne Nelson as a motivator and you think you won't give birth to a bustard ??? Smh Just as monkey begot a monkey so does .....Thanks for understanding.

You don't exhibit as though you are a feminist and secretly somewhere in your room, you do pray to God for a husby. Is this rocket science, common sense or something am missing ?

Why do people still take advises from worthless beings they call themselves celebrities. Are the wife's of Bill Gates, Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg all over? If you want marriage learn to be quiet and unknown don't be everywhere as in everywhere.

Congrats Mr and Mrs Dumelo


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