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BERNARD RALPH Writes Meghan Markle Is A FEMINIST Yet Sacrificed Her Much paying job To Become A common WIFE And Your Bitter 'All Over' Women Are Fighting Men For Saying The Kitchen Belong To Them.

Truth be told, ignorant is a disease an incurable one for Ghanaian feminists. 

I've observed in recent times how a number of feminists are preaching for equity among genders in doing so,  they usually attack men using abusive words on them -- some goes to the extent of campaigning that women should stop doing house chores for it's inhuman to do so.  

Lo and behold, a body came into existence known as 'Pepper Dem Ministries', which served as a mouthpiece for these social feminists, then the case worsened in one that I thought was a complete madness (sorry for my French)  ---"Women shouldn't cook" that's how they begun chants on radio and social media.

For your perusal, these bunch of social feminists are singles or divorcees due to their disrespectful attitude towards men and their husbands respectively. Again, the Africans definition of feminists are somewhat.

Fast forward, a feminist from the West, a former American actress Markle  and writer sold his freedom to the most powerful monarchy in the world, The United Kingdom and the Ghanaian social feminists are Celebrating her forgetting that, she closed her blog fetching  her millions of monies, ditched her booming acting career, closed them all her social media accounts - I mean the damn followers the so called feminists cherish too much and finally  changed her country of residence. Initially,  she used to stay in America all cause of a man.

So those of you who scream and chants equity in what seems to be impossible what led you to praising her?

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