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The Increasing Number of Substandard Award Schemes Aren't Ghanaians perturbed. Writes BERNARD RALPH

Honesty has always being a hallmark in my life -- I remember vividly my mum telling me whiles growing up that "My son, always say the truth to shame the devil, truth and nothing else". Many years has come to pass and I have always hit the nail right on the head.

Inasmuch as I try to avoid being too noisy - yawa don happen every now and then therefore it's my duty to report exclusively when its due. Obviously, I will run out of job when people and organizations behave so well. Ask me why and my answer won't be anything different than :

What should I talk about if nothing happens?

The credibility of awards in Ghana has always being questioned and the recently held Agonaman Achievers Awards is no different, regardless of the rationale behind, the organisers goofed big time with everything and I can say without mincing words that it's one of the worst awards that has ever happened on the soil of Ghana.

The problems started from the onset how persons were nominated and the categorization.

I was brought to annoyed when the news was communicated to me about how one RAMF Productions, organisers of the 'suffering to stay' awards scheme, dubbed Agonaman Achievers Award have presented a list of individuals and brands making up their list for the second edition of its awards.

I couldn't comprehend from A - Z, all I saw was myself soliloquizing. What educated illiterates are behind this event? What did they consider? Isn't 150 awards that many? What are they even going to give out ? et cetera were some of the questions I asked myself. There is a glaring flaw with the nomination list. No need for any prophet to reveal it! Let’s be courageous to state it in clear language that the organisers have little or no knowledge of how events of such nature is been organised. I would've suggested ... Oops I nearly did a pro bono ad for any agency. LOL.

Having depth knowledge on certain issues event organisers usually face due to my many years of experience. I wrote to them trying to point out some bloopers and the way forward but the block feature on social media platform, WhatsApp, was used on me there I got to know the lunatics have developed a 'dead goat syndrome'. 'We know it all, Are you the organiser?' The lose talk of the Upscale.

Days became weeks, weeks became months and the day scheduled for the awards approached --- I had no option than to go take coverage. After all the slogan on the lips of many Swedru youths is "Agona To The World".

As promised the event commenced exactly 15:00GMT.  However, the poor lineup of the program alone got many people leaving and wondering the kind of persons in - charge of the event.

" Are these people serious, awards ben na 3y3 boring saa, omu 3y3 fundraising niaaa?" I overheard some people lamenting.

Again, lighting system was very bad that at some point, I thought 'Dumsor has visited us'  I should term it as no proper plan for the attendants as none of the canopies erected had lights except one which housed the dignitaries excluding media practitioners. 

More so, I was surprised to hear the master of ceremony, unashamedly saying the awards were not rightly arranged in their various categories and that ones he picks an award belonging to any category he'll call it out. What village life too is that ? Pardon my French. Some of us won't tolerate such act.

Moreover, was one Rev Evans Buabeng the only reputable person to present awards? As a matter of fact - I got pissed off whenever the amateur MC called on him to present the awards --- What stopped the organisers from using some media players during the presentation ? Let me say, Dj Poppa please help us present blah blah award to Global Access Bank for being the third ......! Imagine the smiles which would be on their faces.

Adding insult to injury, the organisers demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that they don't respect stakeholders in the industry --- how could you emilinate broadcasters like you did? Members from the various radio stations were left standing with no alternative, whiles these same people were the ones who run an ads freely for your outfit. How lovely could it have been if a reserved place was given to the media.

Despite all my attempts trying to 'inveigle'
myself that the organisers aren't some block heads like I thought before. They betrayed themselves writing 'given' as 'giving' on some of the awards notable among is the one given to Central Region's finest radio station, Enuanom 105.1 FM. Such as unpardonable error and I would've smashed the award on the ground if I had that power.

To talk of adjudging Golden Star as the 'Best Radio Station In Swedru' a complete insanity to the nonsense degree. For some minutes, I thought it was a joke or I'm dreaming. To me they don't deserve to be in the nomination list and even  to win the ultimate prize. Is this rocket science or common sense? Or something I am missing?

To climax this piece, the incompetence of one, Stephen, which I have been informed is the managing director of RAMF Productions, is unimaginable. It's over 40 hours since the awards took place yet he's failed to compile list of the award winners to bloggers for publication. 

If it must be done, it must be done well.

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