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The Insanity Of Ghanaians Parading Themselves As Moralists In A F*cked Up Country - A Case Of Circulating Ebony Reigns's Mortal Remains Been Fondled By A Lunatic Mortuary Man.

I'm been forced to conclude that some of you were been downloaded on a website full of viruses since you've decided not to concentrate on your "hand to mouth" business but to go around and gossip - before you ask what about me ? I am a professional blogger and get paid just for been nosy --- so you see you're helping me do my job whiles I get paid for it you rather run into a lost, no one cares about buying you a bundle and let me add I can see you even borrowed a data to share that unpleasant video.
About two months ago, the 45th president of the United States, Donald John Trump was reported to have tagged the Africans continent and the Caribbeans  countries as shitholes by the US media.

The president criticised immigration to his country from El Salvador, Haiti, and the African continent, by calling the group “shitholes" in Leaked information from the White House a number of Africa leaders including our president H.E Nana Akufo Addo trying to denied the bitter truth that Ghana is a shithole took to micro blogging software, Twitter to this,
"The language of @realDonaldTrump that the African continent, Haiti and El Salvador are “shithole countries” is extremely unfortunate. We are certainly not a “shithole country”. We will not accept such insults, even from a leader of a friendly country, no matter how powerful."

An unfortunate comment from the president to deceive Ghanaians but as I wrote back then if you missed that article click >>>>>Here

Fast forward February 27 99.9% of Ghanaians have come to the conclusion that the first gentleman of our land goofed big time and that Ghana is a shithole with no doubts with regards to the recent happenings.

We carried the news few weeks back  that death has laid its icy hands on Ghanaian dancehall artist Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng affectionately called Ebony Reigns  in a gory motor accident when she was returning from Sunyani after a visit. That young musician who walks around like a prostitute (She dresses semi nude anywhere she finds herself a news which took nearly an hour for us to break because we couldn't fathom why a woman full of fresh and life would die such early since Afia Schwarzenegger is even  alive - did I say Afia Schwarzenegger ? Sorry Patapaa. Lol
All of a sudden Ghanaians started eulogizing her as though they were not the ones who never missed any opportunity to descend on the 'poison' hit maker.

This is not what I want to talk about today let me hit the nail right on it head.

A viral video showing the bodies of the late singer Ebony and her friend Franky Kuri in a mortuary.
A mortuary attendant can be seen in the video touching and examining the badly injured bodies of the two showing bruises and for Ebony a deep cut in the head.
The location of the mortuary is unknown as well as the identity of the attendant.
It appeared there were more than two persons involved in the insensitive act as another assistant was seen using a mobile device to film the incident.

The viral video has left the public shocked with many condemning the recording.
However, police has commenced investigations into the matter but before I forget nothing better will come out same old story.
Ask me the definition of Ghana and I will tell you a poor country in the southern of the Saharan desert,  its residence claims they're independent but depend largely on the Western countries for survival and if they are denied live life as though 'common sense' is not found in their dictionary, in other words a bunch of aimless folks, greedy  leaders and hypocrisy religious persons.

The same people circulating the video are those who claim all holy in Churches and never miss any chance to jab homos who have done nothing wrong.

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