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Bernard Ralph Writes  Ebony Is Going To Hell.

The news has been reported that, Ebony Reigns known in private life as Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, has kicked the bucket after a gory road accident, late Thursday evening on the Sunyani-Kumasi road after visiting her mother.

Police reports going vitals gives details as follows;
On 08/02/2018, at about 23:45 hours, suspect driver Chartey Oko Pinehad, aged 29, was driving Jeep No. AS497-16 from Sunyani to Accra with three occupants on board, whilst suspect driver Mohammed Abubakar aged 48 years, was also driving KIA Grad Bird [VIP] bus with registration No. GT 3232-17 from Accra to Sunyani with a set of passengers on board.

On reaching a section of the road between Nyamebekyere and Nsuta, there was a heap of sand in the lane of the Jeep which was being used for the road maintenance, and the driver in trying to avoid running into the sand, swerved onto the opposite lane and grazed the nearside portion of the bus and plunged into the railings at the edge of the road, killing the three other occupants identified as Francisca Nkansah Kuri aged 27 years, Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng [Ebony], and Lance Corporal Vondee Francis Atsu, aged 29 years.

The driver sustained injuries and was rushed to Bechem Government hospital for treatment. The occupants on board the bus escaped unhurt.
Bodies conveyed and deposited at Bechem government hospital mortuary for preservation and autopsy. Accident vehicle impounded at the station. Suspect driver on enquiry bai

Majority of Ghanaians are mourning with her family meanwhile few others including some 'men of God' have started the accusation game blaming certain individuals for the death of the 'extremely talented' female dancehall act, Ebony Reigns.

As the argument keeps going, the most asked question has been -- Will She go to heaven ?

So I found myself seated in a cab last Friday around 19:00GMT and the aforementioned question was been discussed immediately I sat in --  they posed on me, will Ebony go to heaven ? My answer is what you just began reading  --  I initially behaved as though I didn't hear the question posed on me until they further asked, gentleman kindly reply as we've asked you a question --- Will Ebony go to heaven ? As an African child  I answered with a question and tried fishing out something the driver acted in a way I became furious that's he started by saying
"You people think such people (talking about Ebony) will go to heaven abi? Do you think God is a joke?"

He kept ranting and claiming all knowing and holy -- Why won't Ebony go to heaven ? Kindly school me the laws you're using in order not for me to taste bitter, this is the question I vividly remember asking, the driver wouldn't listen and turned to the other passenger and screamed if this dogmas is what your so called minister of God are teaching you then you're lost. The holy Bible strictly speaks against it, wearing of short skits trying to explain himself with scriptures he had no an idea of --- he literally slapped me when I proposed to him to hold on for his unfortunate comments.

Fast approaching, we got to my destination but this driver never mind his interest is to equal points with me spreeding up to one minute walking distance until I said on top of my voice "This is not where I told you I'm going  return me to my  preferred location." and he obeyed my orders.

So, yes Ebony is going to Hell because she used to wear short dresses and sing secular music that's an unfortunate statement from a coward and hypocrisy Christian arguing on top of his voice though lack 'spiritual interpretation' to the word of life.

Apparently, that's how most of you are thinking Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng a.k.a is already a student of Hell forgetting the cliche Bible verse "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life" So was Ebony not a believer of Christ ? A lady her pastor once advised the congregation to learn from.


¶ Your dressing won't take you to hell, if not so be it, half of America population including your favorite pastors will perish just like that.

¶ Singing secular music doesn't make you a sinner acting like one makes you. If God Almighty said He loves sinners but hate sin why that conclusion.
It's very difficult trying to explain things to a brainwash fellow who hates everything he own and loves the unseen.

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