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Why I Don't Listen To Radio Stations In Swedru.

So its about that time I finally lament why I stopped listening to radio stations in Swedru.
I wouldn't like to write a whole piece to pour out my dislikes about presenters in the municipality I'm keeping it brief as I can. 

Despite being a multi content creator which I frequently appear on radio and in my free time try to hear what the masses think and want to be treated I find myself one day chit chatting with one honourable man. We talked about early life, education, business and rounded up with about the future of radio stations in Swedru. The conversation was so interesting to the extent that I remained in his inbox throughout our chat until he quizzed a question which got me upset and nearly made use of the block button on WhatsApp.

"Are you serious as presenters ?" His question reads.

I replied with the laughing emoji and followed later with why did you asked ? (A typical African answering a question with a questions. Lol).
So he started listing his point to why he said so and when he did I asked for further explanations.

Illiterate persons parading themselves as  radio presenters and though as role models.
I've heard on countless occasions where presenters finding it difficult to pronounce words in English and even then giving wrong interpretations to the words as its means. 
For instance, a presenter reads a quote "Many of life failures where those who didn't know how close they where to success when they quitted" and he explains 
"No matter what it is some people are going to fail in life before success" like joke doing this on commercial radios ? Who are they deceiving ?  

Odd Programs and useless synopsis.
Hitting further one area of weakness is the programmes run on the various airwaves. Could you imagine a presenter only to open a mic and laugh uncontrollably and feed his listener with motivation and sends unnecessary shout outs to friends and friends making it boring to listen couple with how LPMs are read.  No education.
I vividly recall how a number of on - air personalities used to illegally advertise for  'chop bar' owners in exchange for a bowl of fufu. Shameful acts and causing financial losts to their employees and others sending greeting to win 'girls'. Oh my lanta! 

Faking should I say copy - copy ?
Originality and creativity is missing out as presenters copy the known presenters to even fake the way they speak.
Most of the females sound like Ohemaa Woyeje of Accra based Adom FM  and males trying to be like Kwamina Idun of same Adom FM, so I one day stopped and asked should I want to listen to them (Ohemaa Woyeje and Kwamina Idun) what's stopping me from tunning in to their show? 

Village presentations
This is mostly to the males who claims to be master of their games. You would hear a presenter insulting other at a different station in the course of presenting meanwhile just a normal production they can't ---allowing 'fake news' to make ways on their unpopular shows and broadcasting 'old news'.

After reading his bold but bitter truth, I nodded my head in perfect agreement 
saying they are refusing to learn.
So yes that's why I stopped listening to them and with my blogging work I get to know the stories before it becomes news. Hope I made a good point?

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