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The 10 Hottest Sex Positions You Should Try This Year

Sex is an essential part of our lives and experimenting with it can be a fun thing to do. Not only will it spice up your love life, but it will also make you better in things that you do. No matter if you like to change sex positions or you have your routine, we are bringing you the hottest sex positions you need to try this year. So, stay tuned because this will be a smokin’ hot topic!

1. The cat

This is one of the best sex positions for having orgasms but most people don’t practice it because they got used to the old-fashioned positions like missionary and spooning. Scientists say that women who couldn’t come during the missionary position succeeded to do that while they were practicing the cat position. It is similar to the missionary position but there are minor things that make a difference. You can start with the missionary position and shift your body over and up to one side. Then, rock back and forward instead of thrusting up and down to keep in contact with the woman’s clitoris all the time. Not only will she climax in a second but she will scream and beg for more!

2. The chair

Probably all of you already saw this pose in movies where actors were doing their best to make you feel all the passion that was inside of them. If you don’t like standing positions, you can try this one because you will be leaning against a wall all the time while your lady will be all over you. You will have free hands to touch her wherever you want and she will be able to take control. It is just a matter of time when she will come because your facial expression and your dirty talk will make her do it at short notice.

3. Backdoor oral

This sex position is a little bit different because you are approaching your woman from the back and not from the front. It will be easy for you to use your fingers for some extra stimulation. Also, for a better position, you can put a pillow under her butt, so you can approach her vagina more easily.

4. The galley

This sex position will give all the control to your woman while you will be enjoying the view. Also, you will have your hands free to push her back and forward for some extra stimulation and speed control. This position is similar to a reversed cowgirl but in this one, your lady will lie down on your legs, having her head near your feet, and straddle you at the hips. Even though people don’t use it too often, it is a good way to spice up your sex life.

5. Waterfall

This position is for all of those who are sick and tired of the old routine every time. The catch is that you need to lie down on the edge of the bed, having your head and shoulders at the floor while your woman straddles you. I bet your blood will rush to your head while you are experiencing mind-blowing orgasms!

6. Hot seat

This position is made for a woman to enjoy and to stimulate her G-spot. She will be able to take the lead while you will have your hands free to stimulate her by touching her. While you are sitting on the bed or on the chair, your woman will sit into your lap and do her thing. She will be able to ride back and forth by pushing off the chair and in that way, make you come in a second.

7. Face off

This position is made for couples who want to enjoy long sex by looking at each other’s faces. In that way, they are creating intimacy and making a deeper bond. You can sit on a bed and let your girl sit in your lap. She will look into your eyes while she is hugging you and doing her thing. If you want to speed up, just take her butt and help her with lifting and bouncing! Pleasure is 100% guaranteed!

8. The flatiron

This position is similar to the good, old doggy style but with some minor differences. Your woman needs to lie down with her face touching the bed, slightly bent and with her legs raised. You will enter her from behind, taking the control in speed and in some extra stimulation. This position intensifies vaginal pleasure, so only moments are dividing her from multiple orgasms.

9. Iron chef

This is a good position for a quickie and deep penetration. She will be sitting on a kitchen counter for example, wrapping you around your butt with her legs. You will be the one who will take the lead while she will enjoy looking at your face and reaching an orgasm while watching you coming as well.

10. Sex in the water

Not only will you be hidden from curious viewers, but you will also bring your relationship to a whole new level. By practicing this sex position, you can feel things that you have never felt before and you might end up liking it. This is one of the easiest sex positions but people don’t practice it too much. Just hope you will find a piece of the sea just for the two of you and let your passion grow!

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