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Only Hypocrites Will Fight Trump For His "Shit Hole'' Comment About The Africa Continent.

Barely 48 hours social media has been awash with 'insults' directed at the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald John Trump for calling the Africa Continent and the Caribbeans as 'shit holes'.

The president criticised immigration to his country from El Salvador, Haiti, and the African continent, by calling the group “shithole countries”, according to the US media. Leaked information from the White House shows that the US president made the “shithole” comment during a secret meeting.
Trump, after this statement went viral, has received backlash from international organisations including the UN and the African Union, politicians and people from African countries and Caribbeans.

What's wrong here ? 

Trump said nothing too wrong. My relatives and family abroad have been saying this every now and then that Africa is a dirty place to live adding further that we're bunch of lazy ass people. 
We are refusing to do anything Africa needs to be better. Recently just paying of a TV licence was an issue, what a lawlessness country and continent we live in. 

Our leaders are simply not serious. We claim to be independent meanwhile we keep doing 'lalasulala' from those we keep saying we're in a competition with for survival. 

"...Sit in Africa and behave like you are living in the promise land, nothing about Africa is worth talking about. Your women are monkeys, I don't hate Africa but to spit the venom we don't think..."I was once told by an African who have lived in US about two decades.

From where I'm coming from criticisms serves as motivation.
Let's say what Trump said is untrue. Can we boast of best schools, hospitals, businesses, clean environments etc than the other Continents ?

We dump rubbishes anywhere as if we are 'animals' no manners. Our parliamentarians are creating the system of 'create, loot and share'  and nothing is been done.

Let's me end here have a lot to do .
If I were to be you I would've rather work hard to achieve something better than fighting an 'honest man' 

What did you understood by 'shit hole' ? A Latrine or KVIP ? Jokers 😄😄😄

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