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A Generation Of Idiots: See Photos As A Shithole Country Takes On 'The Stool Challenge'

One may wonder why and how human beings who reason and can do something better with their lives follow any stupidity in the name of challenge and having fun.

Many Ghanaians --- in case you don't know Ghana ; a poor country in the southern of the Saharan desert,  its residence claims they're independent but depend largely on the Western countries for survival and if they are denied live life as though 'common sense' is not found in their dictionary, in other words a bunch of aimless folks, greedy leaders and hypocrisy religious persons.

Few days ago a sex tape surfaced on the internet about how a head teacher of a certain school in the Central Region of Ghana banged a 20 - year - old student of his school --- majority of Ghanaians have expressed shocked and called on authorities to arrest the head teacher in the video.

Surprisingly, some aimless Ghanaians who can hardly afford the day's meal have taken to social media to start a challenge #StoolChallenge.

Well, we can't be really writing much about a generation in Africa whose interest is to produce bustards and be wasting data on trash and much focus on discussing people.

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