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Yes I Smoke Weed - Samini

Wednesday December 6, 2017 edition of Starr Chat was full of excitements and laughter when the CEO of HighGrade Family, Emmanuel Andrews known worldwide as Samini sat in the hot seat with Bola Ray.

They discussed music, beefs, real life and others. During the interview the host asked if he smokes weed. He kept quite for a while and replied, 'Yes, I do smoke but not Cigarette' Bola Ray further as to what drug he smokes if not cigarette and this is what he said ,
"It's my private life and I want to keep that as such"
Bola continued to asked if he would debate for the illegalization of weed.

The 'My own' hit maker replied, 

"I'm going to debate the farmer to grow weed. Why would you banned what doctors even advise is good? He quizzed  Weed is good and must be decriminalized."

The award winning radio personality finally asked the last time he smoked only for Samini to say this year somewhere in the States.

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