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Police Brutalize Popular Kumawood Director.

Frank Fiifi Gharbin, a popular Kumawood director has been beaten mercilessly by some Ghana Policemen Gh  News Filla can confirm.

According to Mr. Gharbin he got into a quarrel the police leading to physical assaulting him.

The incident, he recounted, occurred on December 15 at a drinking spot near the Kumasi Police Depot where he had gone to meet somebody in the morning.

Upon reaching there, he realised the location was nice and he decided to take a selfie of himself.

But some police officers who drinking at the place thought he was filming them for social media and rushed to seize his phone.

After seizing his phone, they deleted everything on the phone.

It was when he challenged them that they had no right to delete his files that the drunken officers started slapping him indiscriminately.

The Kumawood Director, who made the revelation on Facebook condemned the action of the police officers and called for an end to such brutalities on civilians.

Read what he posted on Facebook 

"Ghana is more save to live because the police who suppose to protect us are rather molesting us for their own interests..on the 15th of December, the police assaulted and molested me like a thief..its only by his grace that I'm still alive.. Early in the morning.. Some police officers from.. The Kumasi police depot, paradise were at Lee mart spot drinking.. As a civilian I was also there because I have to meet an elderly man there.. For me as a film maker, the location was nice, like everyone, I was taking a selfie of myself, then one drunk police officer and a lady came and I said, I'm filming them to social media, I told him, no, I'm not a fool to come face to face to shoot police drinking.. They ceased my phone and formatted it, when I told them, they had no right to do that but to me to charge office.. That was when he slapped me, like typical Ghanaian police, all the rest did not even ask why, anyone at will come and slap you from behind..its about time we say no to police brutalities, it's about time we say no to instant justice and mob action... Kumasi police depot,so is that how you were trained with the tax payers money .. To drink in the morning and molest civilians? Let's all say no.. If your a writer or blogger blog... If you a civilian.. Write.. Kumasi police depot... We...we say no to police brutalities on civilians... Ghana police.. Enough is enough... Say no to bribery and corruption by the police.. Kumasi police depot... Please stop drinking in your uniforms... Merry Christmas to you all... It's a long time I came...still love you all.."

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