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BERNARD RALPH writes : Central Region Music Awards Is Not Credible And This Is Why.

I've written many reviews covered events , done many celebrity reporting and it's time I write something about the young awards scheme in Ghana thus the Central Region Music Awards (CMA).
I doubt the creditiblty of CMA with all due respect let analyse some conclusions I deduced when I tried reviewing it.

● How can a radio DJ be nominated as a producer and not a promoter?
There's a nominee in this year's CMA who is neither a sound enigeer or has  financed any song yet he made way to the category of a producer. If he really deserve nomination  for his works. Kindly revisit your dictionary for the definition of a producer.

● CEO of the awards scheme getting a nomination.
Totally insane to the nonsense degree. Merqury Quaye CEO and originator of Ghana Djs Awards with all his 'magic' fingers and how best he play with the turntables has never nominated himself to be voted for as best DJ to mention a few why then should a CEO of CMA be nominated as per the final nomination list. I appreciate  the fact  that he is helping but at least for credibility reasons he should've trashed that, unless you tell me it's for hype. Lol

● New entrants being nominated as artiste of the year. wow!
Bringing something up like Central Region Music Awards (CMA)  is a good intiative and the founder deserve a 'grammy' and has earned my respect for that, but looking at certain loopholes , It's too early but I will  conclude  it has been poorly managed looking at how various musicians across the region euthosiatically filed nominations and how things has turned up to be. Two artistes or more (I stand to be corrected) who got nominated at this year's CMA are new to the system of which they should have being nominated as discovery of the year or let me say new artiste of the year. Haven't done this the impression you are creating out there is organisers of CMA aren't serious. I'm convinced to echoe it that indeed 'Orangisers of CMA aren't serious' we all know the ultimate award when it comes to CMA is the 'Artiste of the Year' and now that newbies are been voted for such awards do you think the awards will be competitive in the coming years?
Central Region is about that time we move forward. You need that Okraku Manteo is our industry!
The writer of this article, Bernard Ralph Hollandsworth Adams is the founding editor of and the people's favorite, the internet's bestfriend. His style of journalism has to do with naming, shaming and hooting.  He has alot to share  get interactive on

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