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Editorial: Kweku Bee, who does he think he is?

I don't need to be the Queen of England to mark English Language either do I have to own an empire to be an emperor I am me and you can't take that from me.
After the Rush Ghana DJ Awards here are my raw facts about the self acclaimed DJ ( of which no one knows when he started DJing) Kweku Bee Abrante who thinks the world is ignorant as he is and I dare him to write back to us on if my facts are wrong. I have been writing since Adam time and none of my write-ups has hit the rocks.
Its so unfortunate he met my absence last week Friday when his greedy aspirations led him to move from radio stations to others just to beg for votes. I don't blame him the wrack radio presenters also give him that opportunity hitting the nail on the head, Kwaku Bee is just trying to ride on people's fame, he is a coward and incompetent just as he sabotaged Swedru media from Foklex awards.
Again, I've been reliably informed that, he made mentioned that he has being a Disc Jockey before the term came into being and even played at ' Alhassan Watara's inaugural ceremony' you made such false claims just and just because a radio presenter let the cat out of the basket that you don't know how to use a djing software up till date I can't think far on this why the interviewer couldn't do his job well of course the presenter don't learn. Does he?  Naabu naabu nkoaa. We've spoken to guys in your former and current station and have confirmed that someone plays music for you doing your presentations.
You further said because of your hardworking you work with three media stations Osagyefo FM and Okokroko FM and even now Ocean1 TV  let me tell you the secret your employers don't like you and they're using you as cheap  labour.
Kweku Bee we at GhNewsFilla here don't hate you nor want to gain attention but as the Holy Bible says woe unto those who know the truth but tell a lie. 
We are not being rude we are exercising our freedom of speech under the 1992 constitution of Ghana. Next time read wide before you make certain utterances. Its just a small world Thank you

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