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Diamond Appiah apologies to President Mahama. Is this one of her mocking tactics?

The wind of change which blew last Wednesday keeps blowing everywhere. Yes indeed change has come.
Controversial TV personality and defeated parliamentary aspirant, Diamond Appiah is showing a sort of remorse. 
She has written a short letter which she addresses the outgoing president John Mahama, in the first paragraph of the letter she apologised on behalf of the youth for uttering offensive words to him during the last elections. Somewhere in the middle she aired the reason most of the youth jabbed him and finally concluded thanking him for the infrastructures all over Ghana and consoled him for suffering defeat. 
Isn't it funny how Diamond is making a sharp U turn after calling NDC members prostitute, thieves and all sort of names?

Well, time will tell.

Read her full post below

Dear President Mahama
I will like to take this opportunity to apologize to
you on behalf of the youth of Ghana for mocking you after you lost your bid for presidency. We are truly sorry for all the Memes, Captions n Disgusting videos of your funeral services across
the country. These things happened as a result of
our Joblessness. Majority of us are home after graduating from school hence social media has
become our daily companion. A lot of us hide behind it to voice out our frustrations, vexations and fury.
Since your still the father of the land until January 7th pls find it in your heart to forgive us for our appauling comportment. We got carried away with
the overwhelming n historic victory. Henceforth please ignore the populace on social media n focus on how your going to hand over to the
President Elect Nana Akuffo Addo Peacefully. We
still respect u as the outgoing President of the Republic of Ghana and won't do anything to jeopardize the peace n stability of this country .
Thank u for your service to the people of Ghana, the infrastructure n Branded Buses.
May God be with you and your family throughout
this festive season. May he lift your spirit and fill
your wounded heart with joy. Anytime you feel down, just look at the priceless smile on your daughters face for consolation. Thank you.

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