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Bibi Bright writes: Open letter to president elect Nana Addo.

Everything played out like a dream, but I think I woke up and saw your father smile down with a proud look in his eyes, every fallen soldier cried not because they are not here but to see that history has been made. God bless their departed souls.
For years Ghana rejected you but like a patient father, you never gave up on us, you always served and protected us regardless of what Ghana said about you, When man thought you were rejected, God was preparing you for this great day, from the insults and false
accusations, you never turned your back. For that we say thank you.
I know you have a lot of people
coming in and calling you so let me not take more of your time. You have by now received all the blessings and well wishes from all over the world so all I will say to you is that I love you, Ghana loves you but most importantly God Loves you.. Akwaaba Osunuba
Nana Addo.! C4C salutes you C1.

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