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Hot Scoop : Ghanaian Actress Bibi Bright jabs colleague Nana Akua Addo!

Ghanaian Fante Actress Bibi
Bright known well for her hot appearance on red carpets  has poured cold waters on fellow award winning actress Nana Akua Addo.

In a long post on her Instagram page, 
You know what girls can say when there is conflict? 

she described her one time best friend Nana Akua Addo as ugly and she is the only actress whose Instagram photos are full of screenshots. She further said Nana Akua Addo bought an award.

Read the full post below

“This is the nana Akua Addo that
am taking about… The only
“actress” whose profile is all about
Instagram photo shoot, all she does
is call A and talk about B, call B and
talk about C.. She is competing with
@zynnellzuh and always talking
trash about this sweet girl just cos
Zynell is an ORIGINAL SLAYER who
at the same time is acting movies
both Ghana and Nigeria …
As for nana Akua Addo, she flew
all the way to AMMA awards when
she had not been invited, went to
beg that they make her present an
award she she was planning to
intentionally fall on page so the
head line the floowing morning will
“Ghanaian Actress falls on stage”
that’s how desperate she is to be
She gave us money to pay for her
in Nigeria so she cld win that
award that she just won “best west
African crap” she intentionally
cried at the just ended glitz award
like she didn’t know she will win
when she knew exactly how the
whole thing was going to go..
She said to me ” Bibi am going to
keep doing photoshoot still I
become a fashionista and take over
@sandraankobiah who doesn’t
even give a fuck about her. She
doesn’t deserve shit if left to me
alone. She is fake, envious and
deceiving. It hurts me that our
followers never get to know we
actresses and actors really are. This
industry is big enough for all of us
so nana Akua Addo do your photo
shoots and get your Instagram likes
and followers and leave us to be in
our lane. You even hate
@vicamichaels like who the fuck
can hate Victoria?
If you are not a witch.. As for me
d3i I won’t call you belly blaze oh..
I will mention your name and put
up your picture… You such a witch
that you even hate on
@toosweetannan and got him
decasted for a movie.. You bad
mouth both females and males..
Are you correct? Shldnt you worry
about your baby daddy that you
took from another woman and you
still planning to give him a son so
you can trap him yet he is in
London chili get with his new
woman? See I can be classy as fuck
but if you try me sister girl is I will
teach you that don’t ever in your
ugly life mention my name left
alone try your best to mess me up
with lies. See GOD don’t like ugly
and you sure are one ugly bitch!”
Bibi Bright’s unedited post about
Nana AKua Addo on instagram

Minutes later she followed the post with another mind blowing revelation.

“This is confirmation that nana
Akua Addo is behind all the fake
accounts…. How did this guy know
that I NEVER went to nana Amya’s
house? Which she invited me
showed up? How did this guy know
that she always called me on the
phone which I sometimes don’t
pick cs all she does is talk bad
about other actresses? Ohhh see
God? See what God can do? I never
knew this girl was that DUMB oh….
strange accounts keep
popping up and saying things that
ONLY her and I know off? Wait so
does @princesshyngle know you
going around saying her waist is
And she did it at weija.? And oh
wait does @mahini_makeupartistry
that you allll of the sudden became
friends with know that you called
her the cheapest in our industry
and she sleeps around with
everyone and never appears in
movies? Even tho she has more
movies to her name than you nana
Akua Addo do? Send you ppl and
me I will address them one by
one… Cs I have your time. Who cut
Ask @sellygalley how she told nana
Akua point blank that she doesn’t
want to be friends with her
anymore cs she wasted much of a
negative person and nana Akua
kept begging.. Me just when I
landed at the airport and heard she
was there to pick Selly up even tho
no one had sent her to.. I drove off
and refused to even see her face
left alone say hi cs I hate EVIL bad
mind ppl. Ohhhhh wait..
Even your own friend
@mimiandanimichaels you spoke
so bad about her and her husband
that the guy won’t marry her and
doesn’t love her YET the man is
married to her oh and you are just
giving birth for a man who hasn’t
even done knocking with you.. And
what about your own good friend
@iamellamensah we won’t even go
Cs yuh are just a nasty evil person
with no heart! Keep on slaying on
Instagram and get more followers
and likes but let’s Pray that
Instagram won’t shut down cs that
all your whole career is based on..
as for us we are shooting
movies and stay on Instagram and
wear cloths like you are a boutique
owner and they call you
QUEEN pls of what? Which award
are you sending us to go pay for
you next? See how I could have
kept your secret safe but you
decided to act a fool… Bloodclut!”
Bibi Bright blasted

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