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Letter To Bola Ray : Radio Presenter Cautions Bola Ray ' You Change Your Attitude We Quit'

Dear Bola Ray, with joy I received the message of
you bowing out of hosting the Drive Time show. 15
years of holding on is indeed worth celebrating.
Surely, you have grown above your limits.
I told myself, finally a young chap will have the
opportunity to tap into Bola’s glory. Yea you have
held on for far too long. I was thinking you would
not be actively involved in broadcasting after
assuming the position of a Chief Executive Officer.
I expected you to act all boss and allow your
employees do the bidding but hell no, you fought
with us on the battlefield for our target in the
audience share. A CEO whom I can ignore and call
a colleague because we were all presenters at a
An act that taught me why I cannot relent on my
oars. How can I be complacent or lazy when the
CEO is busy meeting his target?
Our listeners might not be privy to your
managerial skills, but they could judge your
presentation skills. They call you the finest. The
passion and zeal of which you executed your drive
show left many wondering. Who exactly is Bola?
The tenacity of which you deliver your speeches
during staff meetings has always been amazing.
You really know when to be a boss and when to
be a colleague. Splendid!
Bola, as we witnessed you changing lanes which
probably is to give you the full concentration on
managing EIB as it keeps expanding, your
employees are worried. Do you dream of changing
your attitude too?
We certainly hope not.
Your attitude is us (employees) and we are your
Many are dreaming and yearning to join the EIB
movement because the leader is human.
Ninety-five per cent of those who are with the
movement now, are still in, because of the leader.
Several of those who have left still keep the spirit
of EIB alive in them because of the leader.
And the leader is you – Bola.
You treat your staff with the utmost respect they
deserve. Even when angered, you are cautious with
your words. Respect is and has always been
paramount to you.
Humility is like a religion to you. Bola, you are
synonymous to humility. You define it.
I remember when you once told me, ‘Maame Broni
if you need me, I am just an SMS, whatsapp
message or a phone call away from you’.
Trust me, it’s a great feeling for your CEO to call
and check up on you. It is amazing when he
responds to your unofficial messages within
minutes. It’s heartwarming when he shares in your
The intermittent gifts you splash on workers,
extending a helping hand in our difficult moments
(well I will be coming for help in a few days),
being a counsellor and a motivator keep our hopes
Your workers are not scared to approach you. We
hardly notice when you disagree with us because
you do it professionally and gently.
Please don’t blush yet and kindly stop growing a
swollen head because you know that wouldn’t be
good for all of us ‘Mr. Headmaster’.
Hahahhahahha I run enter Platinum Heights. ‘Mada
deep koraa’.

The Starr FM drive lane you just changed has been
accepted but please if you are dreaming of
changing your attitude, don’t wake up, continue
dreaming of employing new staff because many of
us would leave before you come back to reality.
You change, we quit. Call it blackmail or threat
Boss, but we mean it. (I forgot you don’t want to
be addressed as Boss or Sir, you always want to
be called Bola)
Human resource managers will tell you employee
retention is better than recruitment so to keep
your employees, you can’t change your attitude.
You are the best and you are the man.
Yes he is my Chief Executive Officer. The Boss who
is a friend to many. The optimistic and results-
oriented man. Well, he is the definition of
His name is Kwabena Anokye Adisi popularly
known as Bola Ray. Yes that is the man but hey,
you can call him the ‘Headmaster’ and he will
gladly embrace you because humor is his middle
Long live Bola Ray!!!
Long Live EIB Network!!!
Maame Broni

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