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John Dumelo endorsed as Obstetric Fistula ambassador

Ghanaian movie star, Mr John Dumelo has been
endorsed by the Ghana Health Service and the
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as the
country’s Obstetric Fistula ambassador.
Obstetric Fistula occurs as a result of prolong
labour during childbirth which leads to a woman
leaking either urine or faeces or both.
According to Mr Dumelo, the illness which has
about 1000 women currently suffering from it in
Ghana could increase if nothing was done about it.
He thinks obstetric Fistula should be seen as a
national problem and therefore called for more
attention to be given to the illness.
Mr Dumelo expressed his sentiments in an
interview with Graphic Online shortly after he was
endorsed by the Ghana Health Service and the
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to
become the country’s Obstetric Fistula
ambassador on Thursday.
Also a director and a businessman, Mr Dumelo
said he would focus on awareness creation
through social media and develop documentaries,
films and cartoon series on Obstetric Fistula.
He added that he would help raise funds for the
treatment and the support of women with the
He said obstetric Fistula could be treated with
$400 excluding the amount that would be given to
the woman in order to integrate her back into the
“It is a problem that nobody talks about, the first
time that I heard about it was last year, and I’m
sure most of you here might have heard about it
today or yesterday. If we do not talk about it now
and fix the problem now, we don’t want to get to a
time where we have over 10,000 women having
this problem.”
“It is about time we tackled it, and so when I was
called by the UNFPA to tackle the problem, I was
like, why not, let’s just see how best we can fix
this,” he stated
He also called on men to get on board in the fight
to eradicate the illness in the country.

Source: graphiconline

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