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Is Jaden Smith Dead: Confused Gender Caused ‘Suicide’?

The recent Jaden Smith dead news shocked his
fans to no end. The actor, who is also a
spokesperson for the gender-fluidity movement,
was rumored to have committed suicide. Many
believe that his confusion with pre-established
gender norms might have led him to end his life.
Few media reports claimed that Smith had
revealed that he belonged to the third gender in
an interview with a high profile magazine.
But fans of the actor and rapper can breathe easy
as the 18-year old is very much alive. The Jade

Smith dead news is another celebrity hoax, which
came from another illegitimate source, looking
only for readers’ personal information. This is the
second big celebrity hoax, after Rowan Atkinson’s
death news managed to shock the readers into a
click-bait scam.
An article in Snopes states that the actor, too, was
unaware that news of his death was trending on
social media, when he tweeted a photograph of
himself on July 27. Smith, who recently fronted
Louis Vuitton’s national campaign, was also in
news for his 18th birthday celebrations .

Time and again, the Karate Kid star has been vocal
about his gender fluid style. An article in Just
Jared states that he has opened up about the
matter in the August issue of Nylon magazine .
Smith has often admitted that he does not see a
difference between men’s clothing and women’s
clothing. This is probably why he has effortlessly
modelled in Louis Vuitton’s recent women’s wear
Smith’s choices reflect his refusal to be
stereotyped. He does not wish to be defined by
his attire, states an article in The Wrap . However,
when questioned about the gender divide in
general and his dressing choices, Smith says that
he feels it is the people, and not him, who are
confused about gender norms, states a GQ report.
“I feel like people don’t really get it. I’m not
saying that I get it, I’m just saying that I’ve never
seen any distinction. I don’t see man clothes and
woman clothes, I just see scared people and
comfortable people .”

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