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Salma Munim Blasts City Peoples Entertainment Awards Organizers (Read What She Said)

Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin has opened fire on the organizers of  City Peoples Entertainment Awards. According to Salma she flew to Nigeria  Lagos right after Juliet Ibrahim's sister engagement 
Sonia Ibrahim’ because  she cherished  the nomination.
Salma Mumin was in disbelief but was helpless
after noticing her category was not mentioned. She
questioned some of the Ghanaian representatives
of the Award show but couldn’t get a meaningful
response from them.
She was nominated for ‘Best actress of the year
(Ghana) ’ and her movie “No Man’s Land” had
been also been nominated for ‘Best Movie of the
year (Ghana) .

Read what she said in a video

I asked one of the organizers that what is going
on, what happened to my category because it
has not been announced. So I don’t know
whether I have won the award or lost it” , and
according to her, the organizers told her there
were too many other awards to be announced so
she should wait until the official full list of
winners is released in the media to know
whether she won or not.
“So if you knew you were going to use a press
release to announce the winners, why didn’t you
let me stay in my country and wait for result on
the internet than to waste time and come all the
way here for nothing. I feel disrespect at the
highest degree” .
Salma insisted that she feels disrespected so if
all the celebrities and the media men who
attended the awards from Ghana this year refuse
to talk about this, she would personally take it
upon herself to talk about it on any available
platform because “If we don’t talk this will keep
going on and on and on and nobody would stop

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