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M.anifest Blasts Sarkodie In New Music 'GodMc '

Well, it's Hip life and as you know the braggart always win when it comes to rap music. Sarkodie released a song titled Bossy and in that song the punchlines he used seems to be dissing  words refering to Elom Adeblah (EL).

Manifest in a new song GodMc seems to reciprocate Sarkodie's dissing punchlines to EL.
I have listened to Sarkodie's Bossy and M.anifest GodMc and these are what I think  M.anifest's GodMc is a reply to Sarkodie for his Bossy song.

1* Sarkodie : M.anifest meserε wo lemme just
use your "dor dor dor ti dor" to end this verse
# Bossy
M.anifest : Go to the market, buy yourself some
manners...Don't use ma name in vain. That's
just for starters # GodMc
2* Sarkodie: Mehn I'm feeling bossy # Bossy
M.anifest: When the boss is around who can you
boss around? # GodMc .
3* Sarkodie: I'm a king but I don't feel I gotta
wear crown #Bossy
M.anifest: What's a king to a god emcee?
4* Sark: "Omo se Sarkodie ndropi punches. I
can do it really but the point is, wo rapi na wo
punchi pii aa Joe you sound immature." #Bossy
M.anifest: "We some intelligent niggas that
cannot dumb it down. Even my nonfa back then
had sense in it" #GodMc
5*. Sark:dar jolome u wear show say u fool..

Manifest:tell the fashion police to make an
arrest boys copying the west looking like a mess

I am done with what I think is a reply to Sarkodie's Bossy

Stay glued right here as I drop any latest development from the two musicians camp

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