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Lyrics Of Jayso - Preach (Takeover cover)

PREACH (Takeover Cover)
Produced by Jayso
Skillions, we running this rap thing.
I’m talking Ball J & Frank P incase they be

Verse 1

The wait’s over, the play’s over chale. God MC.
Please forgive him JeHova. Hey lil soldier, you
ain’t ready for us. A skillionaire’s too
Too much hate in the game. Too many actors.
Witnessed how a little fame changed too many
rappers. It’s hunger on the come-up, till they
get some lil numbers. Get drowned in the hype.
I know all about ya type.
I ain’t here to talk about a fashion sense. And I
ain’t here to talk about accomplishments. I’m
only here to talk about your actions and to
remind you to be humble, drop the ego. raise
your consciousness.
You not a real King if you claim that you are.
And you a false prophet when you claim that
you god. It’s levels to this game what’s a plane
to a star? I made sure this cut is clean, that’s a
stainless bar.
Im saying.. Bra Kevin
Kid Ru
Lil Shaker
And the homie Padlock is never a has-been.
Kiilu the 3rd

Joey B

Don’t forget we the rappers that gave u back to
back classics.

Verse 2

You rappers bore me. Always got the swag in
your stories. Always snatching somebody’s
shorty. Until it’s time to pay for a beat then it’s
stories. Upon stories then it’s stutter stutter
stutter am I amare (Amare stoudemire)
Most’o these these rappers just free loaders.
I got the bars for the streets & degree holders. I
got the fire for Khalysee & peace smokers. I got
the vibes for the beats wey u dey speak over.
We made GH rap advance. While u rappers was
dancing. And now u wanna claim the throne
abi? [Wouldn’t happen]. This is rap music.
Shouts to the hammer of the Last 2. Ok Rappers
this is the part I ask you this;
What u done for the culture? How many acts you
brought up? Who u epp? I bet azonto had u
caught up. You welcome back to real bars,
where the numbers is low. This my zone &
there ‘s enough room for y’all its all love.
King Sark
This is GH rap. Dr. Carl got the passion
Bils Rayoe

Verse 3

They told you what you don’t know can’t hurt
you right? Truth dey pain and Lies no dey hurt,
you right. You dey rap, I understand. When
you’re hurt, you write. And if I hurt you, right
now let’s get personal. Right!
I played Bossy for your man way back in April.
U told me it was hot. Way back in April.
Even told u it was props Sark gave back in April.
So, why a diss track? I can say that u hateful.
Took shots atah track that had me in it. And you
supposed to be a friend? I mean it’s just rap but
it’s bogus if you pretend. I feel like u betrayed
our friendship so u can trend. I hope u know
how this’l end.
I mean all this beef, publicity stunts is all too
weak. Retweets is all u seek. I see right through
yours actions so Before u speak, just know
talking to the dopest man that brought u beats.

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