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Hmmmm....I 'll always write as far as I  am blogger and we will help them to be famous or whatever. Controversial radio cum television personality  Afia Schwarzenegger has this to tell Ghanaians in a letter she wrote via her Facebook page.

Dear Ghanaians
The only reason why u force your children to
school is to see them succeed,the only reason why
we go to work everyday is to better ourselves and
as christians/muslims we pray to God to bless us
on daily basis...
So why do we get so offended when someone is
progressing,why do we hate successful people???
Every successful person has a story but chose to
rise above that to become who he /she is today.
I really feel so sorry for people that make stupid
comments such as we saw you when you were a
nobody,we knew so and so when he had
nothing,oh don't u remember this guy,he used to
be this and that...Clap for yourself Mr
Korangten,Social Studies Teacher...
Whiles you were busy keeping records of our
past...we were busy bettering our lives..building
international relationships with our careers, buying
big cars,houses,buying shares in the company that
you have been wishing to work for,signing
autographs and signing new contracts.
By the time you realise your hating is as powerless
as your bank account... you will know God didn't
create you to be his book keeper..
May God multiply your wishes for me to you in
hundredfolds in jesus name.

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