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"I Will Start Kissing In Movies From Next Year" - Maame Serwaa

Outstanding child actor Maame Serwah who will
be completing her secondary school education
next year and will be eighteen years by then, has
told Flex newspaper in an interview that, she will
be ready to play any role given to her by
producers and directors as an actress, from next
Speaking to her about her education and the
acting career, she said she doesn’t go on set
during school days unless weekends, vacations or
mid terms. She concentrates on her books as a
student and the acting career doesn’t disturb her.
The directors know her schedules as a child actor
and a student.
When asked if reading script and learning her
books has been a difficult task, she said: “there
are some movies that I play a role without a script
so it doesn’t really worry me.”

“In my acting career, I have never rejected any role
given to me by producers. Even with the adult
roles that I play, I portray the character to educate
the consumers. I have played a role as a married
person but in that movie, it was a movie to
educate the public about child marriage and if it is
not for the sake of education, I wouldn’t have
played such a role as a child actor. I have never
acted sex roles and never will I do that for now,”
Maame added.
When asked if she has kissed in a movie before,
she said not yet: “I don’t know if I am yet to be
given such role to play. I will kiss in a movie
when necessary because I act to advise and not
for fun. When I turn eighteen years, I will fully
involve myself in any role at all that will be given
to me.”
During the interview, Maame Serwaa disclosed that
her passion to become a nurse still holds and has
now added a new profession, which is becoming a
custom officer. “I am now into acting so I would
wish to target either nursing or becoming a
custom officer. I will concentrate on the acting
than any other business I will do,” she noted.

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