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Dear God Comma, An Uncle Ebo Whyte play!

If there is any particular reason why stage
productions still exist and are being patronized in
Ghana then much of the credit should go to Uncle
Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Productions team.
Over the years they have entertained us with their
splendid productions which has helped revive and
grow interest in stage plays. Nothing can take
away the high standard of work they keep setting
with each release. And it’s no different this time
with their latest production, “Dear God Comma”.
‘Dear God Comma’, tells the story of Prof Fiifi
Aggrey and Dr. Mrs. Effie Aggrey who are at the
ascent of their illustrious careers. They get faced
with unexpected challenges and events that
threaten to make waste of all their achievements.
Their faith and resolve gets tested and their only
hope is to turn to God.
Playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte does an excellent job
again bringing us a story that we could all relate
to. Although the subject matter in this play might
not be agreed on by all, it does highlight on events
that do occur but are most often ignored or
pushed aside when our mundane tendencies as
humans kick in. This play carefully bridges religion
and rationality without failing to stress on how the
former plays a very evident role in our lives
regardless of what we might think or seem to
believe in.
There is a constant battle between light and
darkness, good and wrong, what we understand
and what we believe in. We are all religious in one
way or the other and this play has a unique way of
reminding us of that.
As much as religion is a very tough and serious
subject to talk about this play doesn’t fall short on
delivering on humor as well. The dialogue no
matter how serious our intense it might seem, is
sparsely garnished with humor and wit. This
makes it even easier to accept and relate to.
You are assured of a good laugh at every single
point in this play. The cast are awesome in their
roles and execution of their characters. They each
had a unique way of showing the flaws and
strengths of each character. Not only was the
acting from the cast awesome we were equally
impressed with their signing as well.
Nothing beats the feeling of watching a well
arranged play that has every single element in
perfect sync. Lighting and music are well cued in
without a single glitch. These added all the extra
yet simple elements needed to make any audience
enjoy the pleasure of watching a live stage
production. would give this play a perfect
score because it over delivers on its intent of
leaving you entertained and religiously inspired.
The immense efforts Roverman Productions put
into organizing these plays cannot be ignored.
They bring it each time and their quarterly plays
have come to stay. You have no reason not to go
see this one. Even if you are not a fan of stage
productions, take that chance. Get ready to be
converted. This is a family oriented drama that has
something for everyone.
You can catch ‘Dear God Comma’ at the National
Theatre, Accra on the following dates;
June 4th, 5th, 24th and 25th 2016 as well as July
2nd and 3rd, 2016 at 4pm and 8pm each day.
Tickets are currently selling at all Airtel shops, all
Capital Bank branches, Joy Fm, Shell shops at
Airport, Dansoman and East Legon, Baatsona and
Haatso Total, Jane Ann Supermarket, Motorway
Supermarket, Frankie’s and 37 Goil.
This production is sponsored by Airtel Ghana and
supported by Capital Bank, DDP Outdoor, Logistic
Movers and Rover Report Monthly.

Source viasat 1gh website

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