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Adom TV to release new series "Veera"

Adom TV is set to roll out another soap opera,
'Veera', sure to banish any lingering doubt about
the networks hypnotic hold on the Ghanaian
Veera, an Indian family series adapted in Twi is a
story about a brother who is forced by
circumstance to become a mother to his half-
sister. He shoulders the responsibility of taking
care of his younger sister after the death of her
Needless to say, the sacrifices they make for
each other is nothing short of tremendous.
Their bond is unbreakable, but life's set of
challenges and tragedy keeps throwing one salvo
after the other at them. How far can love travel?
How long can their bond endure?
Veera, meaning elder brother, provides riveting
family entertainment which will hold you glued to
your TV in the afternoon long enough for your
favourite Kumkum Bhagya to take over in the
Of course, local language adaption is a game-
changing innovation by Adom TV that is set to
stay. Your grandmother or landlord wouldn’t
have to pester you for a live interpretation.
Adom TV’s channel manager Abena told, the TV station has honed its
ability to touch the raw Ghanaian entertainment
Armed with its winning formula, there will be no
stopping the stations aim to consolidate its hold
on TV audience across the country.
Coming soon.

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